Oil & Gas

We supply a wide range of high performing and cost-effective chemicals to key sectors within the oilfield. From drilling chemicals to completion, stimulation, production and EOR, we have everything you need. Our products are well-tested in the field and proven to outperform in even the most harsh conditions imaginable.

We provide a broad range chemicals in each of the following categories to cover every type of scenario seen within the oil and gas industry. Below is a summarized list of the most popular oilfield chemicals we offer. For more information, or to request a product not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Friction Reducers

Emulsion Breakers

Mutual Solvents

Custom Solutions

Scale Inhibitors



IFT Reducers



Scale Inhibitors

H2S Scavengers

RO Membranes

Membrane Cleaners

Xanthan Gum (dry)


Odor Control

Pipe on Pipe Lube


Xanthan Slurries

We offer best-in-class services such as laboratory analysis to help determine the best product for your specific applications! Contact us today to find out how our team of experienced chemical engineers can help you reach your goals today!

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