Wastewater Treatment

Wholesale Chemical is known as the the go-to source for chemicals used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. With over two decades of experience in wastewater treatment, our products have been well tested and proven to outperform against even the most demanding applications. Our chemistry is unmatched in the field, we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you achieve with our products.

By providing a broad range of wastewater treatment chemicals, we are able to cover every aspect of the wastewater treatment industry . We also offer best-in-class services such as hands-on application expertise, laboratory analysis, operator safety and usage training, diagnostic expertise, and more! Below is a summarized list of the most popular treatment products we offer. For more information, or to request a product not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.




Corrosion Inhibitors 

Dewatering Polymers

FOG Control

Odor Control


Filter Aids

Organic Coagulants

H2S Scavengers

Metal Precipitants

Reducing Agents

pH Adjusters

Inorganic Coagulants



Algae Control



Products in Action

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