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Wholesale Chemical Company is known as the go-to source for all municipal and industrial water treatment chemicals. For over two decades we have proudly served a wide variety of industries and our team has created many new solutions to the complex problems faced in water chemistry. Everything we do is done with the intention of helping our customers improve their current operations and make the most out of their chemical purchases. Our products are designed to increase operating efficiencies, reduce chemical waste, and decrease the overall cost of chemicals for our customers. Our team of chemical engineers is ready to help you today, request a quote through our website or contact us using the information below to get started.

As an industry leader in water chemistry solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services that cover all your industry needs. Our products are cutting edge in the fields of flocculation, coagulation, demulsification, rheology modification, friction reduction, emulsification, sludge de-watering, RO/NF filtration, and more.

Our products are sold to all markets where water is used including (but not limited to):​

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We work closely with our customers to provide solutions that meet budget restrictions without sacrificing on product quality or results.

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Over the years we've built a reputation for providing high-quality chemical solutions for a wide range of applications.


Our product logistics and warehousing capabilities allow us to reliably deliver the products our customers depend on daily.

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Your time is valuable and we go the extra mile to ensure you receive prompt responses and quick delivery times.


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